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Music AppHelpers

No-cost program for high school, college, and graduate students applying to music school.

About: We’re a team of seasoned advisors, teachers, copy editors, and career coaches who support young artists. In 2023, AppHelpers prepared 70 students on four continents for their prescreenings, auditions, and applications. We edited 121 application assets, 75 essays, 24 resumes, 9 rep lists, and 7 academic papers (for DMA applicants).

Are you an interested student, teacher, parent, or organization? AppHelpers 2024 begins in early August. Sign up now to save a spot:
Teachers and program administrators: Please complete to receive notifications of our August launch. We’d love for you to share this with your students and colleagues.

Coming Soon! Before the end of March, we’ll publish our library of tutorials and resources to assist students, teachers, and counselors preparing for the music school application and audition process. Bookmark this page!

Questions? Email AppHelpers founder at .

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